Organic Cotton


It’s so important to us that our products are made using environmentally friendly methods, which is why we look for OEKO TEX certified suppliers* and prefer to use organic cotton, produced free from harmful pesticides. We also visit our suppliers regularly to ensure our high expectations of health and safety in the workplace are met. 

*OEKO TEX is a consistent worldwide certification system for the textile industry. Certified manufacturers must adhere to environmentally friendly production methods, without the use of banned colourants or harmful chemicals and with consideration for the recycling and thoughtful dispersal of water, among other factors



Over the years, we have built relationships with some outstanding textile craftspeople around the world.


Our carefully chosen suppliers are all very passionate about Wallace Cotton, and understand our style and quality standards. Our team regularly visits our key partners to share ideas about design development and production. Our priority is always quality not quantity – to produce fewer, more beautiful items.


Our Passionate Suppliers 


We use a sheeting mill in South India because they are completely passionate about their textiles, as well as their environment. They go to great lengths to recycle their manufacturing water, and have built a school on-site so families of spinners, weavers, dyers and seamstresses can live and work in the same village. The mill buys in raw yarn and spin it for all the local mills, then weaves every grade of sheet fabric from 200 tc percale to 1200 tc satin, then proceeds to dye, cut, stitch and pack. A visit to this mill is an incredible lesson in textile production. 





Expert Weavers  


Our Indian towel suppliers are third generation towel weavers, and can tell by feel whether the yarn in a towel is Egyptian, Pima or Indian, combed or carded, how fat the yarn was and what weight the towels is. 




Our Partners


At Wallace Cotton, we select our partners very carefully both for their ethical standards and exceptional craftsmanship. We work with highly skilled, specialist manufacturers in some of the oldest textile cities around the world.