A bedspread is a light, luxurious bed covering, used alone as a layer in warm weather or as an additional comforter in cold weather. Bedspreads are versatile layers blankets that you can use all year round, whether on a breezy summer day while reading a good book, or on a crisp winter night with hot cocoa. In addition to keeping you warm, they can be great accessories used to add colour and style to a room. Simply layer your sofa or chair with a bedspread and your room will feel more vibrant and cosy. They can also be used as a thoughtful extra blanket available in a guestroom.

The Wallace Cotton UK range of natural bedspreads are classic and elegant. The range of customisable features available make Wallace Cotton bedspreads and blankets perfect for classic and contemporary home designs. Available in a double bedspread and single bedspread sizing, some Wallace Cotton blankets also offer a reversible design feature for great flexibility to improvise and change up any room with ease—simply flip over your blanket cover for a whole new look!

Wallace Cotton bedspreads come in a variety of styles such as blankets and throws, and in a range of patterns, prints and colours. The material is made from soft cotton fabric, linen, wool, and also in silken velvet, such as the Chalet Velvet Bedspread which is available in deep indigo or a soft rose colour.

Bedspreads come in a variety of designs. The Homeland hangable blanket design is made of 100% New Zealand wool, and can be used in any room for an easy refreshing style. Other designs such as our Chalet Velvet Bedspread can be easily thrown over the end of a bed for a luxurious effect. Wallace Cotton bedcovers also feature unique textures such as the Antipodes Bedspread and Unity Bedspread design, a meticulous leafy texture inlaid into the cover fabric. Other duvets feature beautiful floral patterns or simple and elegant colouring.

Whether you’re looking for a throw on or a cosy cuddle staple, browse online to find your perfect Wallace Cotton bedspread, or come visit our London, Battersea Store in person to really see and feel the quality of your materials for yourself.